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Anagramm-Sonett: Hi Cha! D.H. listen Marga - renerpho - 16.04.2008 17:38

Or: The Childish Anagram

Sonnet to the spirit of Walt Disney.

Ne, kid … Today, where denoted, Hohhot thins.
K.H. went hot to it. Oh, he denoted Disney hard!
Heh, he did not yet the work had done to tins!
Sh! Hohhot kind, to the new odd teenie yard.

The candy throws a smile, his face upon.
With roses, yes, phone, and – cu! – clam faith!
It’s miles away, and – hr! The chefs coupon! …
I, N.H., sleep. Scotches found yam – a wraith.

The keys (fa) must wake me. I – cloot to icons.
Look at the twist on Mickey-Mouse’s face!
Ok, emcee! White sock – uf, it’s yam, a lot. Tons!
Cook two of my TK! Neat time uses his lace.

Yes, no! I shut old lofts, too. At lulu-chuff.
I should not tell you such a lot of stuff!