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Hartley Coleridge's Sonettwerk
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GB Hartley Coleridge's Sonettwerk
Hartley Coleridge's Sonettwerk

Veröffentlicht zu Lebzeiten:
  1. Dedicatory Sonnet to S. T. Coleridge
  2. To a Friend: When we were idlers with the loitering rills...
  3. To a Friend: In the great city we are met again...
  4. To a Friend: We parted on the mountains, as two streams...
  5. To a Friend: The Man, whose lady-love is virgin Truth...
  6. What was't awaken'd first the untried ear...
  7. I loved thee once, when every thought of mine
  8. Is Love a fancy, or a feeling? No,...
  9. Whither is gone the wisdom and the power
  10. Long time a child, and still a child, when years...
  11. Youth, love, and mirth, what are they but the portion...
  12. How long I sail'd, and never took a thought...
  13. Once I was young, and fancy was my all...
  14. Too true it is, my time of power was spent...
  15. On a picture of the Corpse of Napoleon lying in State
  16. To Wordsworth: There have been poets that in verse display...
  17. November: The mellow year is hasting to its close...
  18. On parting with a very pretty, but very little Lady
  19. Night
  20. The first Birthday
  21. Whither - Oh - whither, in the wandering air...
  22. Love is but folly, - since the wisest love...
  23. Youth, thou art fled, - but where are all the charms...
  24. I thank my God because my hairs are grey!...
  25. It must be so, - my infant love must find...
  26. From Country to Town - written in Leeds, July 1832
  27. Continued - 'Tis strange to me, who long have seen no face...
  28. If I have sinn'd in act, I may repent...
  29. To Shakespeare
  30. Why should I murmur at my lot forlorn?...
  31. What is young Pasion but a gusty breeze...
  32. From Petrarch: 'Solo e pensoso i piu deserti campi'
  33. The vale of Tempe had in vain been fair...
  34. To a lofty beauty, from her poor kinsman
  35. To Love: Sweet Love, the shadow of thy parting wings...
  36. May, 1832
  37. All Nature ministers to Hope...
  38. From Petrarch: Se lamentar augelli, o verdi fronde
  39. Homer
  40. To the Memory of Canning
  41. Liberty
  42. Who is the Poet?
  43. The use of a poet
  44. Young Love

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RE: Hartley Coleridge's Sonettwerk
Sonette aus dem Nachlass

Veröffentlicht 1850

  1. To S. T. Coleridge: If when thou wert a living man, my sir...
  2. Oh! my dear mother, art thou still awake?...
  3. Hast thou not seen an aged rifted tower...
  4. Let me not deem that I was made in vain...
  5. Pains I have known, that cannot be again...
  6. When I review the course that I have run...
  7. A lonely wanderer upon earth am I...
  8. How many meanings may a single sigh...
  9. To a newly-married friend
  10. It were a state too terrible for man...
  11. Think upon Death, 'tis good to think of Death...
  12. What is the meaning of the word 'sublime'...
  13. Homer
  14. 'Twere surely hard to toil without an aim...
  15. To William Wordsworth: Yes, mighty Poet, we have read thy lines...
  16. To William Wordsworth: And those whose lot may never be to meet...
  17. Rydal
  18. From infancy to retrospective eld...
  19. To Alfred Tennyson
  20. To a friend: I know too little of thee, my dear friend...
  21. To Dr. Dalton
  22. To Joanna Baillie
  23. On reading the memoir of Miss Grizzle Baillie
  24. While I survey the long, and deep, and wide...
  25. Ah me! It is the saddest thing on earth...
  26. Accuse not gracious Nature of neglect...
  27. Music
  28. To a lady, on her singing a sweet old air
  29. I would, my friend, indeed, thou hadst been here
  30. Diana and Endymon
  31. Eclipse
  32. To an aged beauty
  33. I saw thee in the beauty of thy spring...
  34. To Miss Martha H -
  35. Second Nuptials
  36. Not in one clime we oped the infant eye
  37. Two nations are there of one common stock...
  38. Right merry lass, thy overweening joy...
  39. Keswick
  40. Edward - child and man
  41. To Miss Isabella Fenwick
  42. Written in a season of public disturbance
  43. To Mrs Charles Fox
  44. To Mrs. -
  45. To Louise Claude
  46. Hope
  47. Freedom
  48. To H. W.
  49. To H. N. Coleridge
  50. Faith
  51. Fear
  52. Prayer: There is an awful quiet in the air...
  53. There was a seed which the impassive wind...
  54. From Michelangelo
  55. Heard, not seen
  56. Still for the world he lives, and lives in bliss...
  57. By permission of Mr E. H. Coleridge
  58. Full well I know – my Friends

    Sonnets of the seasons
  59. New-Year's Day, 1840
  60. February 1st, 1842
  61. March, 1846
  62. The vernal shower
  63. 1st of April, 1845
  64. May, 1840
  65. May morning
  66. May 25th, 1844
  67. To Dora Quillinan
  68. Oh, what a joy is in the vernal air!...
  69. Autumn flowers
  70. September
  71. November: Now the last leaves are hanging on the trees...
  72. Written in a period of great monetary distress
  73. Christmas day
  74. On a calm day towards the close of the year
  75. December, 1838
  76. St Thomas Day

    Sonnets on Birds, Insects and flowers
  77. The cuckoo
  78. The cowslip and the lark
  79. The celandine and the daisy
  80. The snowdrop
  81. The dandelion

    Sonnets referring to the period of infancy and childhood
  82. Childhood
  83. To an infant: Wise is the way of Nature, first to make
  84. To an infant: Sure 'tis a holy and a healing thought
  85. To an infant: Written on a snowy day
  86. To a deaf and dumb little girl
  87. The god-child
  88. Twins
  89. Boyhood und Girlhood
  90. To Margaret, on her first birthday
  91. Geology I
  92. Geology II

    Sonnets on scriptural and religious subjects
  93. The bible
  94. The liturgy
  95. The just shall live by faith
  96. Believe and pray
  97. Eden
  98. Seth
  99. Enoch
  100. Abraham
  101. Hagar
  102. Isaac and Rebekah
  103. Leah
  104. Moses in the bulrushes
  105. On a picture of Jephthah and his daughter I.
  106. On a picture of Jephthah and his daughter II.
  107. Rizpah
  108. Solomon
  109. Elijah
  110. The jewish captives
  111. Ezra III, 11-13
  112. Simeon
  113. Jesus Praying: Luke VI, 12
  114. But Jesus slept
  115. The soul
  116. Prayer: Be not afraid to pray - to pray is right...
  117. Privileges
  118. Faith - how guarded
  119. Stay where thou art
  120. Psalm XCI, V. I.
  121. Isaiah XLVI, V. 9
  122. The Church
  123. On the consecration of a small chapel I.
  124. On the consecration of a small chapel II.
  125. 'Multum Dilexit'

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