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She sashayed up to me, a beggar-queen
all clad in tattered silken fur and weed
a skeleton with hungry eyes as green
as em`ralds, or the shoots of river-reed.

“For God`s sake, take that cat out of my house,
she`s sick and dirty, here I draw the line”
“forget it” was my answer to my spouse
“she stays!,for i am hers, cause she is mine”.

And so it was, she was all purr, no load,
she used to ride my shoulders, bite my ear
one day I picked her broken from the road,
and wrote the first of my rhymed words for her.

She was not much, a tiny feline stray
called Silver for her coat of blended gray.

Never sigh for a better world it`s already composed, played and told
29.01.2007 15:04
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